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 Attack on nr 8 by pluis10

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PostSubject: Attack on nr 8 by pluis10   Mon Jun 15, 2015 3:08 pm

I am going to use a Golem Lavahound Baloon attack on nr 8.

Here is the war plan:

First send the golem from the cc to tank.
Then wizards to clear the surrounding structures. Then drop the wallbreakers to break open the wall.
Drop king and queen to kill the enemy queen and the air defence.
Lightning the cc troops when they come out and bunch up.
The ground part is the hardest part, when this is done we continue the attack with an air attack.
Send in 2 hounds on the top left air defence and drop targeted balloons on the defences. Work around the base in clockwise motion. Drop the other lava hounds and balloons as shown in the war plan. Rage as in the war plan.

When all defences are down the lava pups clean the base.
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Attack on nr 8 by pluis10
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